As the member unit of China Translation Association, Chagoo Cultural Development Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, offers you customized translation solutions. There are a large number of excellent translation talents in our "Translator Data Bank" which guarantees the quality of our professional solutions for different demands related to language of our customers.   Meanwhile, we have been exploring our potential to provide more language-related services for our customers.

  We have a well-established quality control system with standardized operating procedure and rigid criteria for quality inspection. In pursuit of perfect quality of our translation, the expertise of our translators is integrated with scientific project management and professional inspection.
     We attach great importance to the training and reserve of translation talents.  Our full-time translation team is proficient in both Chinese and Western cultures. With a high starting point in their specialized field and rigorous style of work, they have accumulated rich experience in various fields after several years of practice and can provide accurate translations for our customers.   If you are an ambitious person who is dedicated to translating persistently and understands the importance of teamwork, please join us. Here you will find a language platform to demonstrate your self-value in an all round way.  



Adhering to the concept of creating value for customers and the principle of serving for the satisfaction of customers, we have been promoting our level of specialization in the pursuit of providing higher quality of service while focusing on details and executive ability. With high quality service, great team cohesiveness, and strong market competitiveness, we are striving for creating a legend in the field of video and television.

In the long and colorful history of translation in China, translators introduced advanced culture into China in different periods, which further influenced a large number of insightful people to join them and strive for the great cause. From the perspective of history, industry, and culture, the large scale cultural documentary series Life for Translation filmed jointly by China Translation Association and Beijing Chagoo Cultural Development Co.,Ltd. sort out the past, present, and future of the field of translation systematically in the form of interview. A large number of translators in the history of translation in China are introduced. The review of their selfless passion for work and moving stories encourages young generation of translators and arouses the concern of the society on translation.


  We have a scientific management system on translators and customers. Once an order is made, the system will select the professional translators who are familiar with the material to work for you to ensure the quality of the translation.
  A project manager will be arranged to follow up the process of translation and will be informing the customer about the status from time to time. Any problems during the process will be dealt with immediately to guarantee the quality.
  The final manuscript will be processed by professional proofreading and typesetting personnel. We are striving continuously improve the quality of service to provide you with timely, accurate, and efficient translation service.


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Chagoo produces feature film for the 30th Anniversary of China Translation Association
Press conference for the documentation Life for Translation held by the State Council Information Office
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We have long term vacancies for the following positions : 
English Translation, Japanese Translation, Korean Translation, French Translation, Russian Translation,German Translation, Portuguese Translation, Italian Translation, Spanish Translation, Dutch Translation, Norwegian Translation 

Job Description: 
Applicants should be able to finish the translation on time with good quality, extract the terms, and make final compilation and editing

Qualifications for the Job: 
1. More than two years experience in translation; 
2. Internationally accepted certificates or qualifications; 
3. Applicants should list their effective translation experience and works in the past one to two years in the resume; 
4. Sincere, steady, attentive, responsible, and self-motivated; 
5. Easy to get in touch.

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