With increasing cooperation in the field of international engineering, translation of tender invitation documents, bidding documents, and other related materials are required for both Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprise in the process of tender invitation and bidding.
Meanwhile, some of the documents for domestic projects also need to be translated. However, most of engineering companies don't have professional translation personnel. Even for those companies with translation department or translations, the quality of their translation is limited and they can hardly finish a large number of documents in a short period. Therefore, translation companies play an important role in international engineering projects. Among the numerous small translation companies in the market, only a few of them really focus on international engineering projects, yet their low competence in translating professional materials could hardly guarantee the consistency and timeliness of the translation of professional materials.
With our all round solutions for these problems and rich experience in the field, Chagoo stands out from them and makes a difference. For different projects, we will arrange a team of translators of good language competence and rich industrial knowledge to solve the problem of our customers with timely, effective, and accurate translation.

Our Value Advantage

  • We have a large number of experienced full time engineering translators and freelance translators with extensive experience in engineering translation
  • We have numerous engineers   not only with degrees in engineering but also rich experience in translation
  • We are exploring the new fields of international engineering translation to expand our scope of business to secure a large share in international market
  • Our professional translation personnel with engineering background will ensure the timely delivery and high quality of the translation

Scope of Business

Railway Projects
International Railway Projects
Road Projects
International Road Projects
Water Conservancy Projects
International Water Conservancy Projects
Environmental Protection Projects
International Environmental Protection Projects
Tunnel & Bridge Construction Projects
International Tunnel and Bridge Construction Projects
Power Plant Construction Projects
International Power Plant Construction Projects

Successful Cases

Translation projects for "LU AN CITY INVESTMENT"
Establishing long-term partnership with "CREC"
Accomplishing of projekcts for "Anhui Survey & Design Institute "

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