Translation plays an important part in the publishing industry. Each year, a large number of foreign books are introduced into China and materials of Chinese culture spread to foreign countries. All these require for translation. However, the quality of the translation is really worrisome. The low quality of translation not only influences our absorption of advanced knowledge but also hinders our external propaganda work. Being fully aware of the difficulties and hardships in the translation of publishing materials, we understand the confusion of publishing organizations on the shortage of translators. After translating numerous of works, we have gathered a lot of excellent writers and translators who dedicated a lot of high quality books to readers and established an editorial team of great competence in foreign language and strong sense of responsibility and a rigid three-time examination and correction system. Our team of translators and editors is working hard to build a bridge for exchanges between China for Chinese readers. In future, we will promote the prosperity and development of publishing with our high quality translation. Concentrating on the publishing industry, we will further expand our scope of business to serve for the society and the communication and transmission of human civilization.

Our Value Advantage

Keeping long term friendly cooperation with publishing organizations, we have undertaken the translation of numerous books to introduce the basic condition of the history, politics, economics, science, education, culture, public health, and people's life in China and show the achievement of reform and opening up, economic development, social progress, and the harmonious development of socialist material civilization, political civilization, and spiritual civilization to foreigners in different languages via various channels. Meanwhile, we present the historical culture of the Chinese to people all over the world.

Scope of Business

Audio & video
Audio and video materials
Books & electronic publishing
Books and electronic publishing materials
cultural exchange
International cultural exchange materials
Database of films & TV programs
Database of films and TV programs

Successful Cases

Translation of books for Beijing Publishing Group
Establishing long term partnership with CIPG
Translation projects for Zhejiang Publishing United Group
CICC,《Interests in Xinjiang,China》;CH、DE、EN、TR,0.08Million words
CICC,《Facts and Figures on Xinjiang,china》;CH、EN、RU、TU、AR,3.2Million words
CICC,《OUT OF XINJIANG》;CH、AR、EN、TR ,0.1 Million words

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