Gao Mang is the honorary academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the adviser of the Sino-Russian Friendship Association, and the member of Chinese Writers Association, Chinese Artists Association, and Translators Association of China. He got the honorary doctorate of Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Institute. Meanwhile, he is an honorary member of the Russian Writers' Association and an honorary fellow of Russian Art Research Center. Honored as senior translator by Translators Association of China in November 2004, he won the "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture", the highest honor in the field of translation, in 2011.

  He has been working for Sino-Soviet Friendship Associations and Institutes of Foreign Literature at all levels, engaging in translation, editing, Russian literature research, cultural exchange between China and foreign countries, and related activities promoting the friendship between China and foreign countries. His essays are Moscow, Long Time No See!, Dry Wood, To a Sacred Mountain, On Art in Russia, and so on. His translations include(all from Russian to Chinese): collection of short stories by the Soviet writer Ganchaer, the autobiography of Pasternak People and Thing, Son of the League by Qatayev, Clay and Porcelain by Gregories, Embroidered Scarves by Cajal,Wings by Corycrook, Bugs and Bathhouse by Mayakowski, Flesh and Blood by Aphynuogenov, Young Karl Marx(TV series) by Gonebonev, and poems of Pushkin, Lermontov,Shevchenko,Bunin,Yecenin,Akhmatova,Mayakowski,Pasternak,Madershitam,Twardowski,Drewnina,

Voznesensky,Yevtushenko,Rozhdestvenskiy,and Kazak ova, etc.       

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